Find out everything you need to know about partnering with us

Joining Trading 212 Affiliates programme

Who can join the programme?

You must be an individual over 18 years old or a company. Please note that while we’ll consider your application carefully, in some circumstances we may not be able to work with every prospective partner.

Any fees to join the Affiliates programme?

No, there are no fees to join Trading 212 Affiliates. Signing up to become an Affiliate with Trading 212 is fast, easy and absolutely free of charge.

Do I need a website?

While having your own website is the best way to promote yourself as a partner of Trading 212, it is not the only way. We provide a selection of advertising materials for you to promote through whichever online or even offline channel you choose for your business under our supervision, in accordance with the Affiliate Agreement and our Marketing Guidelines.
You can use multiple websites, but please note that all sites participating in our partnership programme must be approved by Trading 212.

How do I apply?

All you need to do is to start the registration form and follow the steps. Once we review your application we will contact you.

Which documents do I need to supply?

Our regulators require us to verify all applications, so we’ll ask you to submit the following:
For individuals -
proof of identity including your name, date of birth and residential address;
For companies -
details including your certificate of incorporation, company identification number and business address.
In rare cases, due to various legal obligations, we may ask you for additional documents or information.
At the payment stage, we’ll need your bank, Skrill or PayPal. We provide full details of the documents you may need to supply in the Affiliate Commission section of our agreement document.

How will Trading 212 support me as a partner?

Each partner has a dedicated affiliate manager. Your affiliate manager can advise on the best-converting marketing tools for your needs. They’ll be happy to explain the features of your affiliate user area, including the dashboard and performance reports, as well as answering any other questions.

Promoting Trading 212

How can I promote Trading 212?

You can find the available marketing tools at your affiliate user area under “Marketing Tools” section once your application is approved. Simply select those relevant to your audience and implement them on your website or channel of advertising.
We offer a range of solutions designed to attract visitors across all platforms and convert them into active traders in accordance with the Affiliate Agreement and our Marketing Guidelines.

When can I access Trading 212 marketing tools?

Once your application is accepted, you’ll be able to log in to your affiliates user area and view our catalogue of marketing tools.

Can I promote Trading 212 in any country?

We welcome clients from the EU, except for France and Belgium.

Can I use my own promotional material?

You are free to use your own promotional material, as long as you adhere to our simple list of marketing guidelines that should be adhered to when promoting your business alongside Trading 212 Affiliates Agreement, e.g. not making promises of unreasonable profits, never impersonating Trading 212 directly and giving unlicensed trading advice. Please speak with your affiliate manager for approval of your own material.
Please note that we monitor each website in our programme on a weekly basis and using personal not authorised and approved by our team advertising materials will lead to immediate contract termination.

What is the target audience?

Our products are not suitable for everyone, so we aim to target our audience carefully. Our purpose as a company is to empower informed, decisive, adventurous people to access opportunities on the financial markets. This means we’re interested in people with both the means and ability to trade. They could be:
Already actively trading -
using CFDs or similar products;
Considering trading -
intending to start trading CFDs or similar products, or to restart after a period of inactivity;
Potential traders –
financially engaged individuals, probably already investing online, who could benefit from adding our leveraged and/or unleveraged products to their portfolios.

Are there any rules for writing content about Trading 212?

Yes, the content must be:
  • Fair;
  • Clear;
  • Balanced;
  • Not misleading;
  • Targeted to an appropriate audience.
Please note that we monitor each website in our programme on a weekly basis, and your affiliate manager will work with you to make sure the content is in line with our rules.

The tracking process

How will you recognise clients referred by me?

Each affiliate partner has unique partnership ID. We include this in the tracking code that we assign to any marketing tool you select from our catalogue for use on your website.
When a user clicks a banner or tracking link on your site, a cookie is dropped on their computer. This tells us that the prospect was referred by you.

Can I access my performance reports?

Yes, you’ll be able to access your performance reports in your affiliate user area, after you join our programme.

How long do you track prospects for?

Once a prospect using desktop computer clicks on your Trading 212 banner or link, a cookie will be dropped in their browser. Any registration within a 30-day validation period will then be recorded unless the user clears their browser cookies. Cookies reset every time a potential client clicks on an affiliate’s `ad`.
Once a prospect using a mobile device clicks on your Trading 212 banner or link, they are taken to the App Store or Google Play, briefly redirected through an attribution provider. Their engagement with the ad is collected by the provider to be later matched with the prospect’s first opening of the Trading 212 app. We are using the industry’s standard 7 days look-back window. Once prospect’s install is matched with an ad tap, any registration with a 30-day validation period will be recorded.

Commission and payments

How does your commision plan work?

Our standard commision plans are based on CPA. This means we pay you for each client referred by you who meets our qualification criteria.
Currently, a client must make a minimum deposit of 100 USD (or the equivalent in another currency) and to meet the other criteria for Active Trader. Your commission will be calculated for the month in which a client first fulfils these criteria.
Please note the commission varies depending on the client’s initial deposit, the products traded and your current affiliate plan (Start Up, Grow big and Go Expert).

Can I refer other partners?

Yes, you can become a master partner and make referrals, by personal agreement with your affiliate manager.

Which payment methods do you offer?

You can choose to be paid by:
1According to the terms of the Affiliate Agreement

What is your payment frequency?

We pay commissions on a monthly basis, in the month after it has been generated. For example, if you earn a commission in March, we’ll pay it in April.

Is there minimum commission payment?

Yes. If your commission balance is below 250 USD in a particular month, we’ll carry it over to the next month’s balance. If your balance hasn’t reached 250 USD within six months, it will become void and no longer payable.

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Likewise, users of this FAQ section must not consider the information presented as any form of guarantee. If you have any questions related to the FAQs or the Affiliate Programme in general, please do not hesitate to contact us!